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First established in 1998

Specializing in the production of human scale, rehabilitation and nursing equipment

Set research and development, production and sales as one of the professional medical equipment company

Exported to Europe, America, Middle East and Southeast Asia and other countries

Strong technical force

Product design is reasonable
stable and reliable performance

Development of scientific and technological content, more humane, warm type of medical products;

With the production process and enterprise spirit, Su Hong licensing products quickly occupied the domestic market;

Quality is life, quality casting brand;

Autonomous processing

Production efficiency higher than peers

Large production line, high production efficiency, adequate supply;

Independent research and development, professional design products, product category is rich;

Product appearance is exquisite, durable;

Gold after sales service, service system perfect

Provide a variety of high quality
pre-sale service

Payment can be collected, the goods to the payment, peace of mind;

1*24 hours customer service / 7*24 hours service;

Regularly visit the old customers, to listen to customer feedback,
timely follow-up and maintenance;

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